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Easter Comes Early for the Ford Ranger

Automaker's marketing team hides Easter eggs in promo pictures.

by Michael Strong on Oct.29, 2018

Some Ford's picture promoting the new Ranger pickup feature Easter eggs hidden in the background.

Ford Motor Co. is hyping the Ranger, its new entry in the fast-growing midsize truck segment, with a mix of media focusing on its capability, technology and economy. However, it’s throwing in a few Easter eggs for good measure.

No, not actual dyed eggs, but hidden images within the promotional pictures of the new truck slated to hit dealer showrooms in early 2019.

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The pictures have an array of things lurking in the background ranging from the imaginary jackalope to the Loch Ness monster and more. The first two were in the images released during the North American International Auto Show in January and now there are eight total.

“Ranger is a fun nameplate. We decided to do things a little differently from full-size trucks,” Ranger marketing manager Chad Callander told the Detroit Free Press.

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The new Ford Ranger will be available in dealer showrooms early next year.

While it’s fun and different, Ford isn’t the first automaker to introduce Easter eggs into its advertising or other areas. Tesla has several floating around its display screen for the new Model 3.

Additionally, Fiat Chrysler designers followed the lead of video game designers – the originators of Easter eggs – with one of the 1941 Willys Army Jeep silhouettes in pics of new vehicles. In the case of the Ranger, the first one came as part of an internal presentation.

A member of the Ranger development team created a PowerPoint slide about pedestrian detection capability and automatic emergency braking by showing a Ranger stopping on a wooded trail to avoid hitting Sasquatch, according to the Freep.

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“People reacted very favorably,” Callander told the publication. “It’s a good way to engage potential owners.” The Easter egg hunt also keeps people on the website longer, every marketer’s dream.

There are a total of eight Easter eggs in the promotional pics of the new Ford Ranger.

The Easter eggs were a secret within Ford by the marketing team, which came up with the idea and executed it.

“We wanted to emphasize the fun side of the Ranger,” Callander said. “Like comedy, it’d be easy to overthink this.”

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The Tesla Model 3 Easter Egg features a picture of the vehicle’s development team, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the company’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen. The Model S and Model X also have a variety Easter eggs with James Bond references and Mario Kart-style animation.

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